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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions from Donors

1. Should I set up an account on the site?
Setting up an online account makes it simple for you to make future gifts to your favorite ministry with just one click. With an online account, you can update your contact information, add or delete payment methods, and change the schedule and amount of your recurring gifts. Having an account is a convenient, user-friendly way to manage your giving.

2. How do I set up an online account?
Click the “Log In” button in the top right corner of any page. A window will appear that allows you to either log in to an existing account or sign up for a new one. You’ll enter your name and email address, and then create a password. After you do that, you’ll receive an email from us asking you to confirm your email address by clicking on a link. That’s the last step to gain access to your new Partner 135 account. From there, you can log in to manage your giving and contact information securely at any time. Questions? We’re here to help! Reach out to us at, or by phone at (479) 369-4260. 

3. How do I update my contact information?
Log in under “My Account” and select Edit Profile. You’ll be able to update your phone number, mailing address, and your account password from there. 

4. How can I update the payment method for my online account?
Log in under My Account and select My Giving. Scroll down to the Payment Methods section. There, you’ll be able to add, delete, or update the payment methods you prefer for your online giving. 

5. What’s the benefit of switching to EFT giving?
Did you know that each credit card transaction costs a 3% fee? Some Partner 135 disciple-makers lose quite a bit each year in credit card fees — money that could be used to reach the unreached! By switching to EFT giving, your donations are still safe and convenient, but there is no fee. You also won’t have to worry about your donation stopping if your card expires or is compromised. You can change your payment method to EFT by clicking here and filling out this form, (The form is fillable and can be emailed) calling our office at (479) 369-4260 or emailing

6. How can I get an end-of-year receipt for tax purposes?
Log in under My Account and select My Giving. Then click Donation History at the top of the page. Click Export Financial Statements and choose the correct year. Then click Export and choose either CSV (spreadsheet) or PDF. Type the email address where you want your statement sent. You’ll receive a file by email within a few minutes. Feel free to call us at (479) 369-4260 if you’d like help. 

7. How much of my donation goes to my missionary?
Every dollar of your donation supports your missionary’s ministry. Approximately 90% of your gift goes directly to their personal ministry account. The other 10% provides services that make their ministry sustainable, such as spiritual direction, ministry strategy coaching, financial accountability, global security, individual and family life care, fundraising, and the recruitment of more workers.  For more information, see our Donation Policy
8. Is my online giving secure?
Keeping your information safe is very important to us. Your credit card or bank account details are encrypted so that you or others can’t view the whole number by logging into your online account.  For more information, see our Privacy Policy

9. I’ve forgotten my password. How can I get it back?
To protect your account, we don’t store your password. Instead, you can reset it by clicking the “Log In” button on any webpage. A window will appear with a link to reset your password.

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